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Student Property

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Demand for university places in the UK is at an all-time high. In 2010 alone, there were nearly 700,000 applications, that’s over 200,000 more applications than places available. Similarly, the demand for good quality new student accommodation has never been greater. Aspen Woolf would like to introduce an opportunity to tap into this new and highly lucrative asset class in the University city, Bradford, West Yorkshire. h4.“Student housing is reported to be the single largest untapped real estate market in Western Europe”


There are 170 higher education institutions in the UK and a student population of 2.2 million. Culture shift and record exam results are increasing domestic intake each year. International demand for UK places is also up each year from emerging economies and EU accession states. Weaker global economies further stimulate the appetite for higher education. There is intense competition among universities to attract students; the availability of prime quality modern accommodation is a critical part of their marketing plan.

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