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“Bombed-out prices and record yields make Germany the best property buy in Europe.”

In today’s climate the most important thing, when considering any investment, is security. Welcome to the German residential market. Joining gold as a safe haven for investors, property in Berlin (one of the world’s strongest rental markets) is now considered the new ‘hot spot’ to emerge from the global downturn. Many experts now believe Germany is set to experience the buzz around property which the UK did in the late 1990s.


Germany is one of the first major industrialized nations to officially exit the global recession.

As the nation starts to recover, opportunities will arise. The spotlight is now on the property market.

“Bombed-out prices and record high yields make Germany the best property buy in Europe,” said Money Week. And many property experts agree, viewing Germany as the new ‘hot spot’ to emerge from the global downturn. Thanks to remarkably low prices and one of the strongest rental markets in Europe, investors are now flocking to the cities to snap up bargains in real estate. Quite simply, there’s never been a better time to enter the market.

We‘d like to introduce a unique opportunity to invest in the impressive Weissensee district of Berlin. All apartments come fully managed and we’ve structured a package whereby you can invest with just a 40% deposit. Better still, we’ve secured all 12 units at 2005 prices.

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