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Iloa Condo Resort - The Solare Group

Aspen Woolf - The Solare Group

The developer addressed all the details of this venture to guarantee the quality both of the structure and of the services, and an important part of this process was the choice of the partnerships. The Solare Group has 15 years of experience, and is today a reference in hotel management in the North of Brazil. A strong brand that will add reliability and solidity to Iloa Condo Resort.

Highlighted as the third largest investor in the North/Northeast in quantity of ventures, the Solare Group forms the largest chain of national capital in number of Housing Units in the region. In October 2010 Grupo Solare joined forces with 2 other leading operators in Brazil to form Allia Hotels. Together the companies, with 40 hotels, 3,000 units and 1,600 employees, have revenues estimated at $ 150 million this year alone. Allia Hotels has emerged as the largest hotel network of national capital and third largest hotel group in the country.

The Solare Group has been presenting rates of return of 10 to 18% annually, with an annual average occupancy rate of 80% in the last 3 years and a customer satisfaction rate of 98%. This data is a product of the business view and criterion of selection to invest in innovative ventures, with a well-defined focus, segmented and in line with the local scenario, as is the case of Iloa Condo Resort.

Ability to deal with the most demanding audiences, history of success and strategic business view are some of the qualities of the Solare Group that attest to the success of the Iloa Condo Resort under its management, and of course, to its profitability as an investor.