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Are you investing? - Friday, 25 May 2012

Brazil’s economy will keep on growing – Are you investing? Posted on May 25, 2012 by aspenwoolf Reply According to, Brazil‘s economy will keep on growing.”They call it the samba surge. Once described as the perpetual country of the future, Brazil is finally fulfilling its promise.” South America’s largest nation has overtaken the UK as the world’s sixth-largest economy, it expects to follow last year’s 7pc GDP growth with a 4pc advance this year and similar growth in the next few years, and is basking in an anticipated oil windfall of up to 90bn barrels. The fifth-largest country in the world, with GDP per head that is greater than either India or China, Brazil increased its inflow of foreign direct investment by 87pc to $48bn (£30bn) in 2010 alone, putting the nation fifth in the world rankings of capital inflows. Petrobras, the oil giant that is Brazil’s largest company, now has 650 refineries, 30,000km of pipelines, 80,000 workers and a stock market capitalisation of $164bn. However, Brazil is also the world’s largest producer of iron ore, sugar, tobacco, orange juice, soya beans and, of course, coffee. In addition, the nation has a major pulp and paper industry, fuelled by the conversion of former rainforest land to fast-replenishing eucalyptus trees. ‘The market is entering a new phase, and for foreign investors, it is looking more attractive than it has done in years,’ said Samantha Mortner Flores, director of bi-lingual property consultancy InTown Group. To find out how to invest in Brazil go to: Posted in Real Estate | Leave a reply

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