Oliver Ramsden, Director of Aspen Woolf

Oliver Ramsden

With a degree in Biochemistry, Oliver is our very own bio-scientist and a proud Yorkshireman. A founding member of Aspen Woolf, he enjoys analyzing property markets whilst leading our US expansion. Oliver is never one to back away from a challenge, whether that’s swimming with piranhas in the Amazonas, climbing into active volcanoes in the Caribbean or helping set up a social enterprise in West Africa.

Rob Rowland, Sales Manager of Aspen Woolf

Rob Rowland
Sales Manager

Born in London, Rob has worked in the private investment sector for the past 15 years and owns a property portfolio of his own. He followed his passion for property investment and took the leap from Financial Investment into the world of Property Investment over 3 years ago. When he’s not travelling around the world, he spends his time at home doing his very best to entertain his toddler son.

Tristan Richardson, Senior Graphic Designer of Aspen Woolf

Tristan Richardson
Senior Graphic Designer

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Tristan left to seek adventure around the world in early 2013. With 8+ years of design & email marketing experience, Tristan loves the challenge of balancing form vs. function. He can be found frequenting stages around the UK with his band ‘Delayed’ or cruising around the canals of London on his narrowboat.

Russell Midgley, Director of Aspen Woolf

Russell Midgley

Russell has a true passion for both business & property which is his inspiration for running our successful businesses for over 18 years now. He has recently expanded the boundaries of Aspen Woolf to the Middle East and is planning to take on Asia in the not too distant future. When Russell isn’t engrossed in work, he’s exploring different places and nations. A few years ago, he climbed Kilimanjaro and would relish the challenge of Everest!

Gareth Jones, Senior Sales Consultant UK & Middle East of Aspen Woolf

Gareth Jones
Senior Sales Consultant – UAE

With a degree in economics, Gareth has worked all the way from Singapore, Spain, the USA and UK. A true world traveller, he’s already moved countries 9 times! With 19 years’ experience, he is now a firmly established resident at Aspen Woolf. When he isn’t flying between our London and Dubai offices he is a social butterfly who clearly enjoys continent hopping and is looking forward to finally going parachute jumping.

Ellie Woods, Client Care Executive of Aspen Woolf

Ellie Woods
Client Care

Ellie has lived her whole life in London and loves the hustle and bustle the city has to offer. Ellie’s worked in the property sector for over 3 years and describes her job at Aspen Woolf as perpetually motivating and exciting. She hopes to be able to invest in her own property in the future with the knowledge she has gained in her years working in the industry. Ellie describes herself as being loveable, cat-adoring and a foodie!

Harri Laitalainen Online Marketing Manager of Aspen Woolf

Harri Laitalainen
Online Marketing

Having spent most of his life abroad, Harri loves fast paced and multicultural environments. Living in London since 2009 and gaining his degree in Business & Marketing, he’s worked in Online Marketing in everything from retail and hospitality to property. He’s a bit addicted to online marketing and has a huge love of animals, especially Boston Terriers – he has two!

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