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Buy Lyrica medicine - Buy Lyrica overnight

View Aspen Woolf’s latest list of completed projects. All of our completed developments are tenanted and fully operational, generating high income for our investors. If you’ve missed out on these projects, then don’t worry- we often have resale opportunities available, so you too can invest and enjoy immediate income from our already successful, up-and-running property developments.
Feel free to contact us today if you’re interested about any of our completed property investments below.

Buy Lyrica medicine - Buy Lyrica overnight

- Prices from just £57,495
- 9% NET assured for 5 years
- 5% Interest paid on deposited funds

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Primus Edge | Leicester

- In the heart of Leicester city centre
- 8% Assured Net Rental Income for 5 Years
- Directly Opposite the University (160 meters)

Read More

Chester Student Halls

- Assured NET yield of 8.2% for the first 2 years
- Prices from as little as £64,995
- This 61-unit development, will sell out fast

Read More

Penny Lane House | Liverpool

- Purchase a Unit for £44,950
- 3 year rental assurance 10% NET
- Completion set for September 2015

Read More

Plato House | Liverpool

- Assured 7.75% NET yield for 5 years
- High quality studio apartments
- Within a 10 minute walk to 3 main universities

Read More

Burlington House | Liverpool

- 5 Year Waiting List
- Properties Let Within 10 Days!
- 2 bedroom apartments from £87,360

Read More

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aspen woolf is regulated by the property ombudsman