Highly Recommended Investments

Braefoot House | Edinburgh

- Prices from £107,800
- 100% freehold investment
- 7.5% NET assured yield for 2 years

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Coleman’s Fireproof Depository | Liverpool


- Completes Q2 2017
- 7% NET assured yield for 5 years
- New York style warehouse conversion

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Cormorant House | Huddersfield


- Prices from just £57,995
- 9% NET assured for 5 years
- 5% Interest paid on deposited funds

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Welcome To Aspen Woolf –The Property Investment Group

Here at Aspen Woolf we specialize in identifying wealth building opportunities in both the UK and across the globe through smart, safe and secure property investments. As an independent property advisory, our aim is to offer a truly dynamic portfolio of international properties and investments, with strong capital growth and high cash flow income. We are specialists in this sector, so you can rest assure that all of the properties listed on our website are of a good standard and are highly profitable. Regulated by The Property Ombudsman and trusted by investors worldwide for over 10 years, we’re not like other property investment companies, we are a cut above the rest.

Whether you are looking to invest in student housing, property investment abroad, or new ‘hot-spots’, you can rest assured we have done the necessary research to always provide the best investment opportunities for all needs. We have properties all over the globe to choose from, from Spain to the United States of America. With an international presence, and a multilingual team, we’re able to cater for every client, on every continent on every project. Never forgetting our clients success is our success. To find out more about Aspen Woolf you can do so by visiting out About Us page.

What is an investment property?

An investment property is one that you purchase for the purpose of generating long term income, through renting to the general public or to shop owners (for commercial property investment).

We offer various kinds of investment property, but pride ourselves on our fantastic array of student property investments. These properties can earn you thousands of pounds and are a great long term and hassle free investment. A good number of our student properties are also completely hands free assets and are managed by trusted operators.

Is property a good investment?

Yes! There are many kinds of investment in the world, but property investment is one of the very best to get into.

The reason for this is that there is always a demand for properties, both because of individuals moving here from other countries and our own growing population. There is also demand for properties abroad as we see more people moving out of the UK for a better life or for retirement. With the UK having one of the best educational systems in the world, it’s no surprise that there is also demand for student properties.

If you’d like to talk more about property investment, want property investment advice or want to talk about other types of investment simply call our team today on 0203 176 0060 or email us at info@aspenwoolf.co.uk. Alternatively you can send us a message via our contact page.

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